What brought you to yoga? 

Life is going by so fast, I felt caught up in a race, and my concerns were centered around my ego. I wanted more out of my life, but there had to be more to life than worrying about the future. The chatter in my head was driving me crazy, and I really wanted to be more present in each and every moment. I sought help in the form of therapy, where I was diagnosed with OCD and anxiety. My therapist strongly suggested I try yoga and meditation.

What is your favorite thing about yoga? 

It is hard to pick one favorite thing! I appreciate the sense of calm after a class. I enjoy the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the studio, class members, and instructors. Practicing with like-minded people goes well beyond the mat. There is a sense of community and compassion. Yoga eases my mind and helps me slow down.

What surprised you as you started to spend more time with your yoga practice? 

Yoga has taught me about myself and provided lessons that I carry over into my everyday life.  I have always been active — golfing, running, cycling, weight lifting, triathlons, etc — but yoga is totally different.  Yoga challenges me both physically and mentally. I’ve learned to be kind to myself and relax after I’ve fallen out of a balance pose a dozen times. Yoga requires my mind and body to connect in an ever-improving way. My mind and body crave yoga now!

Why have you chosen to practice at Samudra? 

I knew Samudra was the right fit when I first walked in. The instructor’s passion for her students and yoga is evident. I was also looking for a practice with a spiritual factor and a studio that offers a variety of classes, which I have found at Samudra.

What is your favorite pose? The waterfall pose (a restorative inversion) is my favorite because it makes me feel relaxed and free.

What is your favorite non-yoga activity? 

I absolutely love playing with my grandchildren. There is nothing like being with kids — they are innocent, honest, happy, and most of all, they live in the moment!

What is one other fun fact about you?

 I had to phone a friend (or three) to help answer this one. My friend recalled my days as a hairdresser and that I’m a great golfer. My sister said I’m a great cook and commended me for taking the time to get down on the floor, play with my grandchildren and enjoy my time with them. The thing that stood out for my son was the time I ran a half-marathon on Christmas morning.

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