What Our Students Are Saying

Diving deep and residing in lightness and joy after class today. I have an incredible amount of gratitude and appreciation for the beautiful and loving community you have created. 


Attention to detail. Customer service. And when I don’t know what I’m doing, teachers will come and lovingly touch and adjust. I appreciate that so much.


Samudra is an incredibly welcoming and supportive community. The space is calming, the instructors are fantastic, and I always leave feeling better about myself and the world.


I took my first class here this evening. I have never felt more welcome into a studio before. Sarah instantly greeted me, and was an amazing host and instructor. I would recommend this studio to anyone no matter where they are in their practice. 5 stars can’t even express how happy I am with my experience here.


As a novice to Yoga, Samudra is welcoming, warm and inviting. The staff is experienced and informed. I would highly recommend this studio to anyone wanting to try Yoga. Not intimidating at all. Check it out!


Thank you for cultivating an invigorating and nourishing place to practice. The vibe is like no other. 


Samudra is such an inviting studio that makes you feel comfortable and able to challenge yourself on your own terms.


Greatest yoga studio ever! Fabulous and diverse instructors! Amazing warm and welcoming space!


I had the good fortune to attend a SPA yoga class this evening, with live music by Girish. It was by far the most incredible yoga/movement class that I have ever been to. The vibrations of the music, the energy from the teacher and the other students. I was floating on air by the time I left- and I definitely will return!


Sarah was extremely welcoming and fantastic to practice with! The vibe of this studio is excellent and I would recommend this class to anyone, ranging from beginner to expert level. The intentions I set before practice were met and my expectations were exceeded. Thank you everyone at Samudra for making my first experience at your studio superb! I will be back!


Sarah and Samudra studio are second to none. It is by far the most welcoming studio I have ever been to, and I am so thankful that I have found a place to call my yoga/meditation home! Every instructor I have worked with has been warm, knowledgeable, and passionate about their practice. I would recommend Samudra to everyone!


People come back, and they bring their friends! The teachers are excellent and welcoming. The students represent a wide range of experience level. There is a warm and friendly energy and sense of community that will bring you back too!


Join in the magic!

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