What does your typical practice schedule look like during the week? 
a. Practice times have varied but I try to consistently practice 3 times a week. Practice time is invaluable; it provides strength for mind, body and soul consistently. Every time I step onto my mat I know that time is for my practice. Setting a dedication for practice has been so humbling and inspiring.
What is the biggest benefit you get from your yoga or meditation practice?
a. I went to a liberal arts college and had the opportunity to enroll in yoga as a humanities course, which was required to graduate. When the course finished I continued to practice but not consistently and my practice really ebbed and flowed. The biggest benefit from practicing is without a doubt the unconditional support you receive from the community which you’re a part of. No matter where I’ve practice or who with, my heart always feels full. It’s a pretty incredible feeling to know you’re in a space without judgement and there’s no doubt that you’re surrounded by humans who are interconnected through their practice, which is wildly fulfilling.  
What has been the most valuable thing about being a part of Samudra during these past few months?
a.  Samudra has been a saving grace. Facing so much uncertainty over the past few months would have been much more challenging without a space to let it all go, shake it off and start with a fresh mind. 
What’s one way you’ve surprised yourself? 
a. I’ve had asthma all my life and swimming was an exercise I could manage, but when college was over, so was swimming for me. I had dedicated and committed most of my childhood and young adult life to the sport (Age 6 to 21!). I felt really lost after college and unsure of how I could find a space that would provide the same mental release that swimming did. I tried so many different things and eventually found my way back to yoga, which surprised and delighted me. I have never felt so strong mentally, physically and spiritually because I finally found a place that feels like home; welcoming, encouraging and filled with kindness and love.
What brought you to Samudra/how did you find the studio? 
a. I interviewed Sarah for a story at work, and if you’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking with her you know how incredible she is. Her kind, warm energetic energy is infectious and she brings so much light and happiness to all she knows. She truly is a special person and the Samudra Community is so blessed to have her strength and guidance. 

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