We’ve heard from some of you that you feel like you missed the boat on the #selfcarethrowdown because you didn’t get to dive right in on October 1st. But good news, self care happens anytime and all the time; you haven’t missed anything! It’s not too late to commit to making time for you and taking great care of yourself as we head through the changes in the seasons and prepare for the holidays.

Here’s what we’re getting up to this month. We are setting the goal to practice three times a week, at the studio or at home. We are setting the goal to take amazing care of ourselves and do sweet things for us because it’s hard to support and love up others when we aren’t doing that for ourselves first. We are setting the goal to be mindful of what we need on a daily basis. Self care looks different for all of us. Whether it’s time reading a book somewhere cozy, time with your dog, a date with a friend, your yoga practice or eating good healthy food, (or a treat!) it’s all perfect. 

We’d love to know how you are taking care of you and putting self care first. Use the hashtag #selfcarethrowdown and tag us on social media for chances to win swag. (We’ll pick someone each week.) Get to the studio three times a week to see awesome results in your yoga practice and in your yoga off the mat as well.

We know none of us are perfect.  If you only made it to the studio once or twice last week, that’s’ still a win. Re-training to make time for ourselves can be a challenge. A friend recently shared a quote with me that really resonated: “My secret to fitting it all in – I don’t!” Sometimes, we have to say no to one thing so we can make space for something else.

Here’s a quick video you can use this week for your home practice! We’ll build heat and get moving for about 7 minutes to calm the mind, then set you up for your meditation. 

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