Wow. The last week of October. How did that sneak up so fast? I am sitting at my desk, sipping my tea and looking out at the rain, and thinking how cozy it is and what a lovely excuse for some quiet time and moving inwardly.

Ok, so here’s the question: we’ve done all the work of setting up some consistency in self care. We’ve been working on our home practice, on meditating, on being mindful moment to moment. How do we keep it going? How do we set ourselves up for success before finding ourselves in a place of stress or overwhelm, or get support if we wind up there? 

I’m not going to say that it’s easy or that it just happens overnight. If you have been committing to scheduling it in over the past four weeks, you’ve probably seen that self care takes work. Things come up; it often falls to the wayside. Schedules change; surprises get thrown at us; traffic happens. Life happens.

What are a few small things you know you can do for yourself every week, or one small thing every day that is going to help you feel loved, taken care of, and a bit more peaceful?

Whether it’s scheduling that one class that you know you get to every week, a daily step outside for some deep breaths, or waking up five minutes earlier so you have time to mindfully sip your coffee, we start with tiny steps. Two minutes of meditation a day, two minutes of mindfulness a day, of self care a day, can change the course of your entire day. Can change the course of your entire week. Can change the course of your entire life. 

We’ve seen it happen. We see how when we start our day with positivity, with deep breathing and intention, we watch it trickle into our day. How many times have you left a yoga class and felt like the entire rest of your day or evening had shifted?

Here’s my challenge to you, to myself, and to each of us. I challenge you to write down the one or two things you can do for yourself daily and weekly (start small) and stick to it like your life depends on it.

You wouldn’t skip brushing your teeth before a big day would you? Take the same amount of time that it takes to brush your teeth, and invite in the mindfulness practice and the self care practice.

There are so many things we can’t control. We can’t control the way the day will go, what the news will say, what the traffic will be like, or what will happen at work. What we can control is how we are taking care of ourselves moment to moment. We can control how we set the tone for each day.

We are here to support you with classes, added meditation classes beginning in November, Yoga Nidra classes beginning just in time for the holiday rush, and a safe community space where you are welcome to come BE YOU.

Show up. Just as you are. Come take care of yourself with us.

We’re all in it together.

With love,


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