Samudra teacher Amanda, who is now pregnant with her second child, is excited to welcome other moms-to be to Samudra’s Fall Prenatal Series. “Attending a prenatal yoga class was a huge benefit to my pregnancy, my daughter’s birth, and connected me to new moms that are now my close friends and have helped me navigate motherhood.” She is thrilled to be able to share these same benefits with the Samudra community.

As a yoga teacher, occupational therapist and reiki practitioner, Amanda will offer tips for supporting the physical body during asana with special attention to changes in the body throughout pregnancy. Beyond the physical practice, she will create a comfortable atmosphere for expecting moms to connect, bond over shared experiences, provide helpful tips for the stages of pregnancy and labor, as well as plant a seed for postpartum self care.

Amanda speaks from experience: “Now I am busy chasing around a toddler, so self care is not as easy. With that, my yoga practice is something I cherish when I do get time on the mat.”

She looks forward to sharing this time with her students during the prenatal series, in which expecting moms will learn to practice at a slower pace, really tuning in to breath awareness and control, which can be helpful during labor. Even if you already have an established practice, Amanda suggests exploring this prenatal-specific class to learn modifications and support through props as the body evolves through pregnancy. It is also an opportunity to “build your village” as you meet and possibly befriend other moms. Amanda recalls how helpful it was to create a community through the prenatal class she took when expecting her first child.

“I keep in touch with them and go to these moms when I have questions or concerns with raising my daughter,” says Amanda.

The practice of yoga through her first pregnancy helped her through labor, but also continues to help her in life. She says, “Like with anything, yoga teaches us to be present with strong sensation, which has helped me during motherhood and this second pregnancy.”

The series with Amanda runs four weeks, starting September 9, for $50.00 (monthly members, please contact us for discounted pricing). If you’re considering this class and would like more information, we are happy to answer your questions! A second series will begin in October on the same days and times.


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