Kristi has been a student here since we first opened, and has been participating in our January intention challenge. You can spot her by her big smile, easy laugh, and her fun, pink hair. As of today she has been to 17 classes in the month of January, and is just 4 classes away from hitting her goal of 21 classes in 30 days!


What brought you to yoga?  My last semester of college, I needed 1 credit to keep my full-time status. I found a yoga course that was 1.5 credits. It didn’t take long for me to realize how much I was benefitting from the course while the rest of my classes were full of the most important papers and presentations of my college career. I practiced on and off for the next few years, snow now having Samudra so close to my house has allowed me to build a more consistent practice.

What’s your favorite thing about yoga? I’m known for having a busy schedule and a busy mind- yoga forces me to take a small amount of my day for myself. I never leave a class regretting taking the time for me!

What’s something that surprised you as you started to spend more time with your yoga practice? I was surprised to see how much my practice carried over into the rest of my life! I feel like I sleep better, I’m handling daily stress better, and I’m able to find calm when life gets a little out of control. I also find it easier to physically get rid of minor aches because I’ve learned which poses benefit different parts of the body.

Favorite pose? Pigeon pose! It’s always been my favorite- I love a good hip stretch!

Favorite non yoga activity? Reading, partly because I can do it while I snuggle my dog 🙂

Other fun fact about you? I’ve auditioned for American Idol twice! (It’s a LOT different than it looks on tv…)

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