It’s been amazing to see the commitment so many students have made to their practice these past few months. We are seeing students coming to the mat stronger and more connected than ever, despite social distancing and taking classes to a new platform. We caught up with Leah to learn how she’s leaned on her practice since stay at home began. Leah is also the newest member of our teaching team: you can catch her online Fridays at 4:30pm. 

What does your typical practice schedule look like during the week? 
My goal each week is to attend at least two classes M-F and 1-2 classes on the weekend! I particularly love the 6 p.m.s during the week, they are the perfect way to decompress after putting my work away for the day. 
What is the biggest benefit you get from your yoga or meditation practice? 
The biggest benefit I gain from both my yoga and meditation practices is the ability to slow down and work on cultivating compassion for both myself and the world around me. Especially in times like these, when so many things seem so scary, the ability to retreat into the practice and focus on how to spread love and kindness has been something that has changed me in a number of both mental and spiritual ways. 
What has been the most valuable thing about being a part of Samudra during these past few months? 
Being a part of Samudra during these turbulent last few months has allowed me to maintain a sense of community that was otherwise lacking due to the circumstances of the world. It has been hard to fight off those feelings of loneliness as I’ve been separated by friends and family, but the ability to log on to a class and see so many smiling faces, and hear the encouraging words of Samudra’s incredible lineup of teachers has helped me to feel connected to others even in those bouts of loneliness. I am always left with an uplifting feeling in my heart after the conclusion of every practice. 
What’s one way you’ve surprised yourself? 
As someone who has always had a difficult time taming my “monkey mind,” I’ve been very surprised at how well I’ve been able to dedicate myself to my meditation practice during this time. But the more I practice, the more I crave those minutes of silence and reflection. This past week especially I’ve noticed an extreme improvement in my mood, and I think it is due to my meditation practice!
What brought you to Samudra/how did you find the studio? 
I found Samudra in January 2019, when I saw their event for Puppy Yoga on Facebook. I had been practicing yoga at home and am a big dog lover, so I needed to experience it! What I didn’t expect was to be welcomed with such genuine warmth and to immediately feel at home in a space that I had never stepped foot in before. 
What’s a fun fact about you your fellow yogis may not know?
I am also a weightlifter and have a dead lift PR of 205 lbs. My yoga practice has been surprisingly beneficial to my weightlifting, as it has helped improve my range of mobility, core strength, and posture! 


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