I just had a myth busted for me. The myth that it takes 21 days to build a new habit. Psychologists now think that it can actually take anywhere from eight to twelve weeks for a new habit to  feel like it’s an automatic response and become a part of daily life.

With this new information about how much time it actually takes, if you feel like it’s been a struggle to incorporate your new habit of self care or to stay on track with your three times per week practice, give yourself a break! This is a process. We can embrace that process knowing that every day, we move forward with small steps towards making sure we don’t let self care drop (even when we get busy or overwhelmed).

We are now halfway through this month of self care, but, as we have said before, this self care throw down doesn’t really end October 31st. The challenge is to keep it going and to create sustainable techniques for ourselves that become further reaching.

Here are little ways I weave self care and mindfulness into my day, even when I can’t do something concrete like make it to class or sit down for a meditation:

  • I pause and take some deep breaths and really smell the aroma of my hot tea or coffee before drinking it. I create a little meditation even in this one small moment, simply by pausing and breathing.
  • I pause and offer gratitude before I eat. I close my eyes for a moment and appreciate that I have food on my plate and a safe and warm place to eat it.
  • I drop a few drops of essential oils on my shower floor before I shower. Suddenly the shower is like a spa! My favs? Lavender, cinnamon, or sandalwood.
  • I stand outside for 1-2 minutes taking deep breaths and looking at my surroundings in great detail.

Even small acts of self love and self care can go a long way in making you feel like you are filling up your cup.

As we move through week three, invite a friend to yoga with you. Share a walk or a cup of tea with someone you care about. Take two minutes out of your day to practice being present. Need support? We’re here for you! We look forward to seeing you on your mat.

This week – a short guided meditation on sending love and kindness to yourself and others. 

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